Monday, January 26, 2015

Taking On 2014 - Top Albums

So look, there's a reason I have been pushing these lists off. I got through songs well enough, but when it comes to BIG THINGS like albums and games (not really films though in this case) I lost a lot of the overall rankings lists that I put up. So, really, while I could go based on the previous lists, I have listened to a lot more. What I am going to do, instead, is just write quickly about a few of my favorite albums, and maybe games at some point in the future. Apologies to all musical artists who are left out, you truly deserve better.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Taking On 2014 - Top Tracks

Alright, I know I missed the last round of these, and it's getting pretty late to still be caught in the last year, but who the fuck would want to escape the Year Of Young Thug anyway? Not me. So let us revel in a list of great songs that somehow isn't dominated by Thugger. As usual, here is a Spotify list I made of songs I liked from 2014, the complete playlist of songs that you see here, and the most recent entry in this series. As usual, click the songs for Youtube links to them or Soundcloud ones or where ever I can find them. Right, I also have some songs on Soundcloud that I like, so maybe look at that too? Sure, why not.