Monday, August 20, 2012

Forward Thinking: Movies (Fall 2012)

After spending some brief time looking at five albums on the horizon I think it's only fair to give the same treatment to film because there's just so much slated to come out that will potentially kick so much ass. Compiling this list I had a hard time sticking to just five releases, but in the spirit of arbitrary self-imposed limitations I figured it would be a constructive exercise to attempt to limit myself to that number. Keeping it to five allowed me to be realistic as well, not having to include films that very likely will only show in a few theaters at a time or could slip in to 2013 because of crowded release slates. I'll attach a trailer to each title, so just give that a click and watch some awesome clips. There's so much reason to be excited, and here's just a taste.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Forward Thinking: Music (Fall 2012)

As the big fall releases start to pile up I think, as a means of prepping before the final series of Quarterly Reviews start being compiled and posted before the year end awards are given, it's useful to start looking ahead to what the fall has to offer. As such, welcome to what I hope will be a new series that pops up every few months around Processed Grass where I survey the landscape so to speak. Take a look at what is on the horizon. What releases I will be buzzing about by year's end, what looks interesting, what to monitor. And since 2012 has been such a fantastic year for music I figure that it's best to start there by looking at my five most anticipated releases for the rest of the year.