Saturday, July 26, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top Films (Q2 Quarterly Review)

It's been a while, so to speak, and I really did mean to do this earlier, but part of me hoped that I would somehow be able to see Boyhood prior to making this list, but that's just going to have to wait for our October check in. So now with TV, songs, and albums out of the way, it's time to take a quick look at the best of the silver screen in 2014 thus far. Have things changed since we last looked in? Probably. How much? Let's find out.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top TV Shows (Q2 Quarterly Review)

Okay, so we've gotten through music by looking at the best songs of the year and the best albums, which means it's now time for films, right? Usually, yes! However, this time I'm going to try something a little different. I've been watching a lot more TV this year, and with last year marking my first TV round up, I figured it's worth it to at least look at all the series I have watched so far and start at least considering them. Not really a full on Quarterly Review, since I won't do this again until January, but probably worth checking in simply because with the fall approaching a few of the shows towards the bottom are likely to get bumped by Boardwalk Empire or that new Soderbergh show or other things. Not to mention the time I have to catch up on this season of Oranges: The New Black, Fargo, and Penny Dreadful. Plus Gravity Falls is coming back. This list could end up being the hardest to make by year's end.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top Albums (Q2 Quarterly Review)

Back once again, this time to put the year's first half in music to rest. We've already taken a look at the best songs of the year so far, and now it's time to turn our gaze toward those more complete works: albums. There have been a few changes since we last had a look at the best albums of the year, and with plenty more on the horizon as well as others that I have yet to experience, I am sure that this list will change when we are back here in three months. But, until then, how about we celebrate all the greatness that has come thus far!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top Tracks (Q2 Quarterly Review)

Hey, what do you know, here we are again! So I haven't written in a while, which I guess by this point isn't all that surprising. But as the sailor is unable to resist the gentle embrace of the sea's calling at night, I too stand on the docks of this page waiting for the ships to dock once more and take me back in to the salty depths. Or whatever. I'm actually just here to do some more lists because I'm terrible and haven't written enough over these past few months. So it's quarterly review time!

We're starting with songs, remember when we did that like three months ago? Well, the times have changed and so has the list. As usual, click the titles of songs to hear them where avaible. Follow my 2K14 masterlist on Spotify for all new heaters as they get added, or follow me on SoundCloud I guess. I also tend to only put one song per artist, though that definition has been stretched this time. Now, on with it!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taking On 2014: Top Films (Q1 Quarterly Review)

I kind of wrestled with how best to do this list, as I do most years, because by the end of March the total number of films I have watched is actually not all that high since much of January and February is spent catching up with movies I missed out on the previous year. Unlike with songs and albums that I have already written about, film takes more time to digest and slightly more effort to access. It also doesn't help that the first two months of the year are generally a wasteland. But as I looked over my final list, even the films that barely make up a top ten have something worth writing about, so I guess we'll do ten and just wait for the rest of what looks to be a fairly stacked year if March is any indication.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top Albums (Q1 Quarterly Review)

I knew we would be back here eventually! Can't stop those quarterly reviews, especially not since there was an 11th hour change to the top of this very list you are about to read/glance over because it's numbered and the titles are bold so why am I even typing this up to begin with? I don't have the answers, I'm just glad you made it this far. We have gotten through the best songs of the year so far, now on to the albums, I won't delay it any longer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Taking On 2014 - Top Tracks (Q1 Quarterly Review)

I didn't forget this place existed, I'm just pretty much a terrible person and have only been ingesting a ton of media without any writing or documentation of my experiences except on a personal level. But I'm a sucker for lists, I guess, and honestly I get the feeling that a part of me would die if I didn't do these Quarterly Reviews. So here we are, dishing on some sick ass tunes that I have been keeping track of on this Spotify playlist. Here are the dankest of the dank so far below, even with a few words that reflect some attempt at personal feelings on songs that give me personal feelings.

As usual I will link to them whenever possible, so click the titles on each track if you can/if you want to hear the things about which I am writing because they are all pretty much fantastic.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top Films

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. It took us a while to get through all the great video games, tv shows, songs, albums, supporting and lead performances from the previous year, but we have finally gotten to the point where we can officially reveal Processed Grass's best film from the previous year! Who will take the top honor, who will just miss out? Let's take a gander!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top Performances

It's time to move things along, we have been living in the past for far too long! Even though we have taken the time to go through the best supporting performances, it's now time to get on to the leads, those figures who are asked to shoulder the entire load of a film. So who ended up being the best of the best? I guess it's time to take a look and find out.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Taking On 2013: Supporting Performances

Okay. It has taken us a bit to get here, but as we progress farther in to the year that is 2014 it's easy to forget all of the great songs, albums, video games, and TV shows that we loved from the past year because, let's face it, it's awards season for cinema. And while there are some celebrating their Oscar nominations as the Academy drags the year that was 2013 in to the beginning of March 2014, here at Processed Grass we like to let the stars know earlier that they are being recognized for their greatness on the silver screen. So, starting with the best Supporting Performances, we shall recognize greatness. Break out the bubbly all the celebs who have been waited for this day, it's finally here!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top Albums

We have gotten through songs, which means that in order to wrap up the year in music we have to turn our attention to the complete works: albums. When it comes to albums there is this larger concept that the work needs to be cohesive, not just a collection of a few good songs, it needs to be a consistent sound. So which artists will top the list? How about we take a look at how things have changed.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top Tracks

Okay, here we are once again. Some would say that we are in the thick of the year 2014, though I would not be one of those people as I am holding on to the past like a toddler who refuses to give up his favorite blanket even though he is so clearly on the cusp of manhood. But it's time to let go. The TV Shows are done, the video games are over, it's time for music. We've been tracking all the best songs from the year over the past twelve months and we have arrived at this list. So let us list on, and as usual click the links to listen to the songs, and only one song per artist is eligible.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top Video Games

Okay! Took us a little while to get back here after running through the TV shows (and still having audio troubles on this new laptop that I need to figure out, which has sadly delayed attempts at podcasting), but we are back! And we're here to talk a little about video games. We had new consoles, the beginning of the 3DS Golden Age (or not, who can say?), and a bunch of previous generation software. So what ended up being the best of the best in this wild year? Let's find out on this edition of the NAMCO High memorial list because that game came out so late in the year!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Taking On 2013: Top TV Shows

It's been a while, but I have a brand new keyboard and we are back in action. So how about starting off 2014 right? Well, I guess we can do that in any number of ways, but once the alcohol is gone and the sun has risen we are really only left with one option: Best Of Lists. There were (and may still be) plans to pair these lists with the launch of a very special Processed Grass podcast (a ProdGrast, if you will), but we shall see because despite this being a new keyboard I am now having some audio problems on my end. We'll see! I should say that all the shows on this list are the seasons that ended in 2014, not the ones that started. That mostly means network shows like Parks and Recreation, Bob's Burgers, etc. are being judged for their 2012-13 seasons, not their current 2013-14 seasons. Either way, on to TV!