Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Smash Cuts: Hanna

Hanna (Wright, 2011)

Does it count as a revenge fantasy if everyone is terrible? Well, you know, except for the times where they aren't. But who cares about those times, we need the testosterone to flow! We need to see that you have balls! Balls! Action! Killing! Balls! You really have to admire the balls of what is likely the year's best action film - I mean really - simply because it takes the conceit of bringing this tiny fourteen year old female and turns her in to a force of unstoppable brutality. This is probably what The Hunger Games is like, except good. You have big shoes to fill. Figuratively anyway, Saorise Ronan probably doesn't have abnormally large feet. I know she doesn't cry! Except - of course - when she does. By moving at such a break neck pace it's hard to get bogged down in all the plot intricacies or the weak characters. We just need to cut.

And then cut again! Listen to some music, watch some of the bloods, the bullets, the violence! Your editing can only distract me for so long though. I need something else. Like a score. Oh, you have that too? Well okay, I think we're checking off a lot of the boxes. Yet it's all so isolated, so damn cold. I can spend some time in that snowy forest, but I don't want to live there. There's a great big world of people out there, not just ones we use and discard. Not some insular clique. Pathos, wherefore art thou? Hanna, you just missed my heart.

Rating: ***/*****


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