Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Game of Thornes

Earlier this week I was invited to take part in a discussion of the latest episode of Game of Thrones with Kate Kulzick, Michael Waldman, and Simon Howell over at the SoundOnSight Game of Thrones Podcast. This historic event marks my first ever podcast experience, and it was great to have a bunch of friendly, intelligent people to help make the process enjoyable. Going in I was a bit nervous, and I think it shows a bit, but in the end it was a blast.

I guess it always helps when you're discussing an episode where Joffrey gets slapped around (by Tyrion, but just in general I approve of all Joffrey slapping) and has a pile of cow poop hit him in the face. The season is winding down so this is where the show really should start picking up steam.

So check that out, as well as all the other great work over at SoundOnSight.

I should return to my (ir)regularly scheduled posting shortly.


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