Tuesday, March 19, 2013


UPDATE - My keyboard seems to be working again, but I'll leave this up as a reminder to myself that things can always fall apart at any moment. So is the beautiful fragility of life. Can I build a future-proof (enough) gaming PC for between $600-$700? If so, please let me know what to look for in the comments section or send me an email because I definitely need to upgrade sooner rather than later.

Here's THe THing, my keyboard (as of rigHT now anyway) is noT working all THaT well. All THese inappropriaTe Caps are being used beCause THe leTTers are noT Typing rigHT now in lower Case. So, despiTe finally geTTing baCk in THe blogging swing (in THe proCess of reViewing SPRING BREAKERS, THE WIZARDS RETURN: ALEX VS ALEX, STOKER, and NO wHen THis sTarTed, so I Ceased doing so sinCe THere is no way I would reView/wriTe abouT THings like THis.

EiTHer way, I'm going To geT THis looked aT wiTHin THe nexT Couple of days. Hopefully iT Can be fixed, buT if noT THen I may end up upgrading To a beTTer lapTop or a lower end deskTop. We sHall see. PreTTy bummed ouT. Hope To be baCk soon, and sorry, To THose reading, abouT your eyes.


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