Monday, November 21, 2011

Update On The Status Of Processed Grass As Filtered Through My Lens Of Hope And Joy And Triumphant Returns With Long Blog Title Posts Words!

Loyal readers, followers, friends, and admirers alike, as you may have noticed I have been quiet as of late. Part of this, as always seems to be the case around this time of the year, is a result of school. This year, particularly, it is a result of Grad school. However, that is not the biggest determining factor of my blogging absence.

Some of you may remember, in an older post after my first prolonged silence, that I had a Great Computer Collapse of Summer 2011, which I thought I had rectified. Sadly, that was not the case. Now, after another month or so without a steady computer from which to post or listen to new music/watch films, I have returned. At least for now. But probably for good because I plan on buying a desktop this Black Friday! So as long as this laptop holds out until that thing ships and arrives, you can start expecting posts soon. Or relatively soon. There are a lot of papers coming up.

I thank everyone for their patience, and for those who care here a couple of brief reactions I have in regard to some recent culture across multiple mediums! And yes, I'm going to make a numbered list because I love them. You probably love them too, this is the internet.

1. Martha Marcy May Marlene is a fantastic film that you should check out. It reminds me of the Henry James novel A Turn of the Screw, and of some of Edgar Allan Poe's work. The film itself deals with identity in interesting ways, both thematically and from a technical perspective, and makes for an engaging psychological thriller with enough complexity to spark wonderful discussions. Just don't see it with older people, I guess. Or rather don't see it with the lady who sat in front of me in the theatre and then immediately turned around after the credits started to ask me if I liked it then spoke condescendingly and gave me judgmental eyes when I gave an affirmative response.

2. Melancholia was also pretty fantastic. Not as great as I hoped for whilst watching it, as I really enjoyed Antichrist and hoped this would approach the visual brilliance of that film along with the thematic depth. The more I think about this film the more I enjoy it, but it didn't hit me during the first viewing. Odd, I know, but that's just how it goes some times. The theatre for the 1 o clock show was packed though. von Trier packs them in!

3. Arkham City, Skyrim, Catherine, and Deus Ex probably are competing right now for my game of the year. Play them all!

4. I have probably underrated the brilliance of Cass McCombs. He did an interview on Pitchfork that I fell in love with, and upon listening to his albums (that's right, it's plural!) again he's climbing up my lists. I also really need to listen to Youth Lagoon and Kate Bush. Any other recommendations for 2011 music should be left in comments if you'd be so kind!

5. I still haven't seen The Art of Getting By (I"m so sorry, Team Emma) nor have I caught Monte Carlo. That double feature will happen this Christmas break though!

So yeah, not sure if I'll get full reviews up of those first two films or not, but this return has been brought to you by my happiness. We're in the thick of culture right now, pardners! Saddle up! Throw down! Consume. Culture. Process!

With more to come soon,


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