Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Season Predictions

I know the team (of one) here at ProcessedGrass appears too sophisticated for the common physical activities of sportsmen, but it actually turns out that we do love games of sport. And what game do we love more than any other? Football, naturally. Well the NFL season is finally starting tonight. The clouds have parted, the earths have quaked, the rains have fallen, and the bars will once again flood with amateur experts and soon to be dejected fans alike! But if you're a betting man where are you going to be putting your money? I can't pretend to know, I can just observe and look at the bigger picture. We like to be comprehensive, this is all about taking off the blinds. Big pictures! Picture this!


West: St. Louis Rams
South: Atlanta Falcons
North: Green Bay Packers
East: Philadelphia Eagles
Wildcard One: New Orleans Saints
Wildcard Two: Detroit Lions


West: San Diego Chargers
South: Houston Texans
North: Baltimore Ravens
East: New England Patriots
Wildcard One: Pittsburgh Steelers
Wildcard Two: New York Jets

Super Bowl Prediction

New England Patriots over Green Bay Packers


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